Recent Workplace Accidents in New Jersey Raise Safety ConcernsEvery day, workers in New Jersey put their safety on the line when they clock in. Although they might not always realize it, these workers run the risk of receiving serious injuries every time they go to work. While some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, even an office worker can slip, fall, and suffer tremendous consequences as a result. A recent string of workplace accidents has placed the spotlight squarely on employers in the Garden State, as various government organizations attempt to figure out what exactly went wrong.

As an injured worker in the United States, you have a number of important rights. Thanks to Workers’ Compensation, you do not have to struggle to pay medical bills or handle missed wages without considerable financial assistance. Your workers’ compensation settlement can allow you to approach the next few uncertain months or years with a degree of confidence. This settlement can be especially crucial if your injuries will prevent you from ever working again.

Of course, it is not always easy to fight for your rights as a worker in New Jersey. When you are up against major insurance companies and stubborn employers, sometimes you need to enlist help from experienced workers’ comp attorneys in New Jersey. Smith & Williams Law Firm, LLC has been helping injured workers fight for their rights for years, and we can help you strive for a fair settlement. We can also assist you if your claim has been denied.

Turnpike Worker Severely Injured After Accident

If you have ever driven on a turnpike, you know that these locations are hotspots for accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, a worker for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority experienced one of these accidents when he was struck by a tractor-trailer in Edison. The accident was reported on April 13th, and it occurred when a truck veered off the road and hit a guardrail. The vehicle then struck the worker before overturning. Serious injuries were reported, although the worker’s exact condition was not specified.

This accident highlights the dangers of roadside work. Many passenger vehicles fail to slow down when approaching construction sites, and this can put innocent workers in serious danger. In fact, roadside workers face some of the highest risks of any industry or employment sub-group within the United States.

Steamroller Collides With Passenger Vehicle With Predictable Results

In another construction zone traffic accident, a steamroller collided with a passenger vehicle, causing considerable mayhem. The steamroller was being operated by a 53-year-old worker in Voorhees when he experienced a collision with a passenger vehicle on State Route 73 South on April 18th.

It was not reported why or how this steamroller collided with the passenger vehicle, but it is known that two of its occupants were pronounced dead at the scene. The worker also suffered injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. It was later reported that this worker was in a stable condition. This accident shows that even when workers are operating vehicles in construction zones, they are still just as vulnerable as pedestrian workers on the ground.

Worker Suffers Severe Burns at Company with a History of Safety Infractions

On March 23rd, it was reported that an individual had been injured while working for Berry Global – the same company that has a long history of safety infractions. This most recent accident occurred when a worker was changing a screen on a plastic bag extruder. For some reason, the worker was sprayed with hot liquid plastic and suffered severe, possibly disfiguring burns. The OSHA immediately handed the company a $370,000 fine, finding that the company could have prevented the injuries if the worker had been given proper protective equipment and additional training.

This is not the first time Berry Global has faced consequences for safety incidents. In 2017, a New Jersey worker was killed at a Berry Plastics plant in Philipsburg, New Jersey. While performing routine maintenance, the individual opened an access panel and stuck his head inside. Tragically, another worker started the equipment, and the victim was crushed. The OSHA has inspected this company more than 40 times throughout the past five years – reviewing safety protocols at plants in New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts.

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