Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Westfield, NJ

Traffic Ticket

If you live in the State of New Jersey, than you likely have to drive most places you go. Whether it be driving to work, taking the kids to school or running errands, the majority of New Jersey residents spent a significant amount of time in their car. Over the years, the comfort and quality of cars has improved substantially, but they have also been equipped with more distractions than ever before. Between looking at the GPS or changing the station on the satellite radio, drivers can sometimes become easily distracted or temporarily inattentive. Unfortunately, the police are always there at the wrong time to see your driving infractions.

If you or a loved one has received any type of motor-vehicle summons, please contact Smith & Williams Law Firm, LLC at (908) 264-7228. Whether you have been charged with speeding, running a red light, improper lane change, improper passing, driving on the suspended list, DWI/DUI or any other motor vehicle infraction, we can help. Our attorneys are well versed all area of municipal court law and are prepared to aggressively negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf or take the matter to trial if necessary.

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as Work Compensation, Medical Malpractice and much more.